Mar 082012

Lets be honest, all you need to breastfeed is a breast and a baby. Simple, right?

Maybe not so much. Companies all over are trying to tell you that you need this or that, or that other thing over there. And of course very little of that is cheap.

This week the ladies with the Breastfeeding Blog Hop are talking about tools of the trade. What they needed or found totally useless. So here’s my list sorted into children.

Child #1 – Aedyn
Needed – 

  • Lansinoh Lanolin (loved this stuff!)
  • Nursing Basket – in this I kept nursing pads, a notepad and pen, the remote control, my phone, lanolin, a burp cloth, kleenex, snacks, baby fingernail clippers, nasal aspirator.
  • Nursing Cover – Nursing without it was not a possibility with Aedyn
Useless –
  • Breastfeeding pillow – I gained so many cup sizes on top of already being terribly “blessed” that Boppies and the like only supported my breasts and there was no room for Aedyn. Pointless. (Nursing Tips & Positions when you have large breasts)
  • Nursing Bras – At least the typical kind. Once again, because of my size, I couldn’t find a nursing bra that fit. Apparently once you pass a 34M then you’re an anomaly. A poor fitting bra can cause blocked ducts and mastitis, so I found a well fitting regular bra and put a hook and eye where the cup and strap meet. (DIY Nursing Bra Tutorial)
  • Breastpump – I had an extreme over production of lipase in my milk and couldn’t store it for longer than 3 hours (it was so bad that even scalding the milk didn’t work).
  • Nursing Pads – Never ever leaked. I will admit they helped keep the lace bra from irritating my nipples, but that was it.
Child #2 – Jaron

Needed – 

  • Nursing Cover – I didn’t have to have it this time, but I was a lot more relaxed and comfortable when I was using one.
  • Breastpump – I has massive oversupply this time and had to block feed and pump off some of the milk on the side I wasn’t nursing from that day.
  • X-Large Flanges – my breast/nipple size had changed and I needed to upsize the flanges on the pump, the size I was using were causing my nipples to swell and bruise. (Florida WIC has a great diagram on how to tell if your flange fits or is too tight.)
  • Nursing Pads – I leaked all over the place while I was trying to reduce my supply.
  • Disney/Star Wars Movies – to keep my toddler calm and still while I tried to get my highly distractable baby to eat.
Useless – 
  • Nursing Basket – my toddler wouldn’t stay out of it. I started tucking my phone into my bra and that was it.
  • Lanolin – I just didn’t need it for my nipples the second time around. However, if you’re fingernails/cuticles are dry, this stuff is excellent just for that too!
  • Tips on Taking Care of Your Toddler while Nursing Your Baby – I think Aedyn must’ve read those articles and decided to mess with my head, none of that stuff worked.
So those are my two lists, ask me again in a year or so and I’m sure #3 will have completely changed things up!

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Dec 172011

Forgive me La Leche, for I have sinned…

I gave both my babies pacifiers starting in the hospital (in all honesty, they didn’t use them often or at all past 3 or 6 months old)

I drink caffeine. Everyday.

I let Jaron start solids at 4.5 months. When I found out that Aedyn was sneaking him bites of things like Oreos, Lucky Charms, and Loaded Mashed Potatoes.

I encourage moms to feel okay if the have to supplement, a little breastmilk is better than turning Mom off breastfeeding all together.

I encourage mom to remember that she is part of the “mutual” desire. If she’s done, it’s ok to gently encourage baby to be done. (That goes for night nursing or weaning altogether.)

If I’m tired or busy, I don’t offer, but don’t refuse. Not everyday or all the time, but on occasion. Sometimes I just need a break.

I wing it. Every baby is different. Even if I don’t follow the “RULES” I know I’m doing what’s best for me and my baby.

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Dec 092011

Clenching pillows, gritting teeth, nursing a tongue tied baby…this too shall pass.

Sitting with my baby in my lap watching him drift off to sleep as he nurses…this too shall pass.

Crying because I have too much foremilk and it’s hurting my baby’s tummy…this too shall pass.

Watching my 13 month old squeal with a huge grin and coming running across the room as I lift my shirt…this too shall pass (ok, that might come back in a few years, but not in regard to me…)

Frustration with my baby being distracted and not eating enough…this too shall pass.

Calming every tear with cuddles and Mama’s milk…this too shall pass.

Being the only thing my baby needs to survive…this too shall pass.

Being the only one who my baby will let put him to sleep…this too shall pass.

Waking 6 times in 8 hours to night nurse a baby who’s reverse cycling…this too shall pass.

Waking to see my baby unlatch and roll over to cuddle into his Papa’s arm…this too shall pass.

Holding my breath at each doctor’s appointment to see if he’s gaining weight…this too shall pass.

Being forced/able to rest every few hours as my newborn and I figure this nursing thing out…this too shall pass.

Watching milk go everywhere as I make my baby laugh while he’s nursing…this too shall pass.

Sore nipples, feeling “touched out”…this too shall pass

Memories, relationship, knowing you’re doing what’s best for your baby…now that will never pass.

Hold on to each wonderful moment, it will go too quickly. Hang in there through each challenge, it won’t last forever.

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Nov 172011
Best Non-Home-Made Cookies Ever!

Thanksgiving is a week away and the day after…well, the cookies, candy, treats, and chaos don’t stop until New Years…or Valentine’s Day.

I haven’t even started thinking about how I’m going to deal with it this year…but I’ll probably allow the boys way too many sweets. But they’re only kids once, and how can I tell them “no” when I’m sneaking cookies behind their backs? Like everything else, we’ll just have to figure out a balance.

While I really enjoy the Christmas season, it is stressful. Not necessarily a bad stress, but a different pace from the rest of our year. With us just having moved the boys have dealt with a lot of stress and change. About the time they get used to the new house, the holidays will be upon us and off we go again.

For Aedyn that means a TON of extra patience and cuddles. And trying to remember that all two-year-olds are just tiny lunatics. (Tonight he flipped out when I asked my dad to drive, then want to guess what happened when I sat down in the driver’s seat? Yup, tantrum because T-COM wasn’t driving.)

With Jaron I have a secret weapon. Mama Milk. I don’t know what I would do if he weren’t still nursing. When he’s overstimulated from all the shopping or parties or just people. When he just needs some extra cuddle time. When he’s cranky and nothing else Pleases him. When he’s having a temper tantrum. And as a bonus, nursing him gives me a good excuse to sit down and take a break myself.

I’ve heard a lot of mention about accidental weaning over the holiday from the stress and business, but I really don’t think that will be an issue for us, we’ll just serve up Jaron’s cookies with a chaser of Mama Milk!

Do you have any tips or ideas about what you’ll do over the holiday season with your kids to make the craziness a little less crazy? What do yo serve your Christmas cookies with?

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Oct 282011

A couple weeks ago I wrote Breastfeeding by Star Wars.

While it’s a good description of what often happened, it’s not the whole story, sometimes a lightsaber just isn’t enough.

Truth is, how Aedyn works into mine and Jaron’s nursing relationship has changed and changed and changed again.

At first Aedyn didn’t really seem to notice. He’d play and I’d make sure that he had a cup of something to drink.

“Jaron eat me?”

Then for a little while he wanted to nurse again too, but he couldn’t remember how to latch, so that was a no go. But he decided that he would “help” and hold my breast for Jaron to nurse from. That was so cute and sweet! But then he started trying to dictate when Jaron was “all done.”

Of course phases of “helping” tended to alternate with times where every. time. I. sat. down. to. nurse. Jaron. Aedyn would have a potty training “accident” or would do something else off limits that he never tried or did when I wasn’t nursing. It was those times that reminded me to give him a bit more attention during Jaron’s naptimes. Fortunately that phase passed with the help of Star Wars and completing potty training.

As Jaron got older and more distractable, I had to change things around a bit. He was too distracted to nurse enough (to few wet diapers) during the day so Aedyn wasn’t allowed to be around. Jaron needed to focus. Ultimately that led to the crutch of the electronic babysitters by the name of Disney and George Lucas (Star Wars).

Now Jaron primarily night nurses and is mostly weaned during the day so there’s not to much issue. Aedyn sees Jaron nursing for hunger and comfort and on occasion will lift his shirt and try to get Jaron to nurse from him if he thinks Jaron is scared or hungry.

We’ve had to talk about girls and boys, and who can make milk because of that. I’ll be honest, I’m kind of afraid that Jaron will take him up on the offer and then bite because there’s nothing there! Can’t even imagine what kind of chaos that would cause!


Jaron will be 1 in a week (AHHH!) and I’m starting to think about our next baby and how far away that will be. I’m not sure if I will tandem nurse or not. Depends on supply and how Jaron handles the change in taste/consistency. I’m hoping that Aedyn will prove to be a distraction and buddy for Jaron once I’m nursing #3 and that will make the transition and process easier for him.

Or maybe I’ll just have to nurse hands free all the time so I can have a lightsaber battle going on both sides of me…

Who knows? Anyone have advice for nursing #3 and keeping a toddler and preschooler occupied at the same time? Share your thoughts here and link up your own posts on nursing #2, #3, or more with the Breastfeeding Blog Hop!

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