Jan 202012

Awhile back I wrote a blog about being a 24/7 Milk Bar.

Jaron was a BIG reverse cycler. I even wrote a pretty thorough guest article about reverse cycling and false weaning for Ask The Lactation Consultant while we were in the middle of everything.

Now that he’s nearly 15 months old and starting to wean in general the reverse cycling has pretty much stopped. But I’m so glad I didn’t rush it. He nurses at bedtime and usually sleeps about 9 hours before he’s ready to nurse again, then sleeps another 3, then he’ll nurse a time or two or three at different points during the day depending on if we’re out or at home.

Three months ago, he nurse ALL. NIGHT. LONG. and rarely during the day. We did it! He did finally stop the all night nursing and I didn’t have to force him. It can be done!

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